Happiness is a journey, not a destination... (Souza)

Throughout the years, I have always tried to paint the life experiences that have made me the happiest - my family, my dancing, the beauty of nature and friendship. Please take time to enjoy the journey.

My subject matter dicates my brushstrokes. The movement of dance, the beauty of nature, the innocence of a child or pet. A dance coach once suggested that I approach the floor like I paint, and now I paint my canvases like I am dancing.

After years of painting on canvas and drawing I am now enjoying mixing canvas, wood and glass, adding a new dimension, literally, to my work. I am also introducing the use of the glitz and glamour I so enjoyed during my ballroom dancing by adding Austrian crystals, broken glass and mosaic pieces to some of my creations. This new dimension has also allowed me to utilize the talents of my son Aubrey. The dimensional objects I need to create my visions are cut out of wood by Aubrey. His creativity and sense of detail play a vital role in the production of this collection. It is a wonderful gift to work with my son on my life's passion.

About the Artist 

Rhonda Polen Wernick

Accolades For The Artist:

"Rhonda is a fantastic dancer and I think that is one of the reasons why her art is so moving and visual. When I look at her art I can see the dance and not just the dancer. She understands it (the dance) and feels it. She is a very talented dancer and artist."
Shalene Ermis,   American Smooth Ballroom Dance Champion

Accolades For The Artist:

"Her paintings show she has a master's understanding of color, value and line. She is able to incorporated the fundamentals of strong design in all her work while capturing the theatrical elements of her subject. This is a rare and unique combination, resulting in a vibrant and emotional art."
Suzanne Rusconni Accetta,  Portrait Artist

Accolades For The Artist:

"Rhonda blends in just the right amount of reality in her paintings while also leaving enough up to the imagination to make me think and come up with my own interpretation of the subjects. When I look at her work I can almost hear the music playing. It all has such movement in it."
Stacy Beyer,   Singer/Songwriter

Accolades For The Artist:

"BRAVO!! I love them all but the conversation series is fabulous. If this doesn't make you famous, there is something wrong with the world. I am especially impressed with the uniqueness. The subject matter is very different and you just get a feel that you are there with the people in the picture taking part in their daily lives. I love it!"

Pamela Craven,  MD

Accolades For The Artist:

"There is artwork one purchases for investment purposes or to match a d├ęcor and then there is artwork you purchase because it makes you feel good. Your art is not only beautiful, but it makes you feel good and that is why I love it!"